Religious Task Force for a Living Wage

"The worker is worthy of a just wage."

This statement articulates a truth close to the heart of all great faiths. Every human being is a reflection of the divine, endowed with an imperishable worth and dignity. As people of faith, basic principles of economic justice move us to work for the day when all workers will be paid a living wage, have quality, affordable health care, and be treated with dignity. To that end, the Religious Task Force for a Living Wage educates, organizes and conducts outreach among people of faith, calling on all people to respond to the need for economic justice in our community. We support the Workers' Center in its efforts to bring about these goals.

For further information on public policy issues being addressed by the New York State and the national Catholic Leadership, see the following websites:

The Religious Task Force for a Living Wage is a project coordinated by Justice and Peace Ministry of Catholic Charities and the Workers' Center.