Youth Engagement Services (YES)

The Youth Engagement Services Program (YES) supports Tioga County through two grant funded programs, YES Club and YES Mentoring. The YES Club works with youth in grades 8 through 12 in the Newark Valley and Spencer-Van Etten school districts. The YES mentoring program works with youth ages 9 through 17 throughout the county. 


YES Club

The purpose of the YES Club is to maximize the high school graduation rate and minimize the drop out rate.  This grant is funded through the Department of Social Services.  Students are referred to the program through the principal, guidance counselors and teaching staff at the high school. 

Our goals for the YES Club include minimizing barriers that impede school performance, improving attendance patterns, improving grades and passing rates, minimizing disciplinary issues, and providing additional alternative acedemic experiences to increase student success.

The 3 essential elements of the program include attendance intervention, home and family support and in-school and after-school academic support programming.  This includes:

  1. tracking attendance patterns with respect to tardiness and absence from school through reports from the nurse.
  2. keeping parents actively involved in student's school by making sure the lines of communication remain open between the parent and the student with respect to school-related matters, helping parents foster higher expectations for their child's further education attainment.
  3. provides tutoring per individual student needs and programming in multiple areas that are not academic in nature (life skills, job skills, and academic planning).


YES Club Activities


The YES Club sponsors many different activities which includes goal setting, reward outings, educational field trips, workshops and speaker series and family fun days.  Please check back soon to see the latest events.  

For more information about the YES program and how to participate, contact us.


YES Mentoring

The purpose of the YES Mentoring Program is to support youth who are engaging in at-risk behaviors and could benefit from one-on-one mentoring from a local volunteer mentor.  This grant is funded through Catholic Charities USA and the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquence Prevention.  Students are referred by DSS and school districts.

The goal of our YES Mentoring Program is to reduce at-risk and delinquent behaviors.  The youth and mentors will focus on fostering positive relationships by building and improving the 40 developmental assets all children possess through conversation, goal setting and enriching activities.

YES Mentoring Activities

Mentors & mentees meet weekly for two hours and engage in positive activities.  Group activities with all mentees and mentors are held quarterly. 

You can change a young person's life by becoming a mentor!  You'll find the application here:

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a mentor or how your child may benefit from this program, please contact Sondra Siegfried, YES Coordinator, at (607) 414-1023 or