Immigrant Services

Over the years, ISP has evolved into a hub in our community where immigrants can go to get their unique needs met.  For the most part, we assist and provide advocacy for immigrants who are the working poor, have language and/or cultural barriers, and need assistance in accessing the community resources available in order for them to get their basic needs met.  However, we do assist others as staff time is available.  Direct services and/or referrals are provided to immigrant and refugee clients in order to help them gain self-sufficiency.  

Services include:

  • Information on understanding and accessing community resources
  • Job development for Early English Language Learners
  • Referrals to adult ESL classes and literacy tutoring programs
  • Assistance with Department of Social Services applications and appointments
  • Help with accessing healthcare and childcare
  • Pre-screening for food stamps and health insurance programs
  • Referrals to domestic violence prevention

The ISP director can also provide refugees with a BRIA Verification of Identity and Immigration Status letter that can be used at the Department of Motor Vehicles when applying for a license or non-driver’s license identification.